Dr John Tsagaris

Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM)


Transformational, Holistic wellness that focused on a result-oriented approach using natural but science-based methodologies. Inspired by traditional and modern medicine, Dr. Tsagaris elevates his skills through his integrative and hands-on approach. His unique client experience births bespoke and transformative experiences, progressing to the individual wellness journey for those looking to optimise their health and beauty and look their best at any age.

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture is a time-honoured healthcare discipline that holistically addresses wellbeing with modern scientific integrity. It nurtures the body and mind’s self-regulation and healing capabilities: acupuncture, a component of modern medicine, and targets disease prevention, treatment, and resolution.

The Holistic Health services encompass a range of treatment provisions, including Health Acupuncture, Fertility Support, Shiatsu Bodywork with Acupuncture and cupping, Weight Management, Hormone Balance Acupuncture, and ear acupuncture, including ear seeds.

 It’s an exclusive world of infinite health and wellness methodology protocols created to focus on your needs and optimise therapeutic outcomes. Experience medical treatments, therapies, and technologies through the healing hands of one of the most experienced practitioners in the UK.

Experience the essence of wellbeing and beauty in one place, where ancient wisdom meets modern expertise. Your journey to total rejuvenation starts here.