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“While physiotherapy offers a long-term approach, acupuncture and cupping administered by John Tsagaris provided instant relief”

Health Acupuncture & Ear Acupuncture

Health Acupuncture

Acupuncture for health has advanced subtle diagnostic techniques developed and refined for centuries. The focus is on the individual who presents symptoms and signs of health imbalance.  Acupuncture is a complementary healthcare practice that stimulates specific body acupuncture points. After a thorough diagnostic evaluation, inserting ultra-fine sterile needles into acupuncture points aims to help the body’s natural healing responses. 


The treatment is recommended for digestive, mental, emotional, cardiovascular, respiratory and asthma, gynaecological, addictions, chronic fatigue, tiredness, muscular/skeletal, back/neck pain, stress, insomnia, and health maintenance prevention. Sessions might be once a week, then at longer intervals as the condition improves. A typical treatment course lasts 4 to 6 sessions, depending on the individual.


Dr John Tsagaris, with over thirty-five years of clinical experience, is a renowned leading practitioner in the UK and worldwide. In addition, he is an acknowledged fertility expert featured in the press for his result-oriented approach and successful cases. John uses additional tools that may be useful for his tailored treatments.

Ear Acupuncture - Ear Seeds

Auricular acupuncture is ancient Chinese diagnostic and a  treatment system based on treating health concerns and normalising the body by stimulating specific ear points. The ear therapy effectively solves various health issues, including anxiety, stress, weight loss, hormonal problems, and digestive imbalances. 

It treats allergies, migraines, smoking, sleeping problems, acute or chronic pain, digestive issues, and behavioural health. 


The method involves the delicate placement of tiny, ultra-high-quality needles at strategically reactive points on the ear to address the specific health concerns individually. The needles, removed after twenty minutes, get replaced by tiny seeds in various forms. The virtually invisible seeds may stay on the ear for a few days according to the patient’s needs. On follow-up treatments, the point selection will be revised accordingly.


The treatment is offered as a part of any holistic health treatment. Enquire a treatment at concierge@the-hvn.com



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