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Shiatsu Bodywork Massage with Acupuncture & Cupping 

Shiatsu's comprehensive approach engages the body through assisted stretching techniques and precise acupressure.

He offers health acupressure bodywork as an integral part of his acupuncture treatments within his tailored wellness offerings. His services encompass various health conditions, from pain and stiffness to infertility, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and stress-related concerns, drawing from over two decades of clinical practice. The fusion of shiatsu bodywork and acupuncture embodies the core principles of traditional Chinese medicine, where keen observation transforms into diagnosis and subsequently guides a tailored treatment.

John initiates each session by delving into the patient’s current symptoms, medical history, sleep patterns, appetite, hormonal aspects, digestion, and emotional wellbeing. The bodywork acupressure treatment on fully clothed recipients involves precise pressure applied to specific acupuncture meridian points. The body relaxes through a rhythmic sequence of stretching and other acupressure techniques.

This bodywork addresses tight muscles, neck and shoulder discomfort, and lower back pain and provides tailored guidance for specific concerns. The treatment invigorates the body’s vital energy while maintaining a soothing demeanour, delivering dynamic therapeutic results.

As the body attains a state of relaxation and meridians become receptive to further treatment, John employs custom acupuncture techniques to optimise therapeutic outcomes. Consequently, the body begins to self-adjust, promoting the healing process.

During the treatment, John may incorporate additional Chinese medicine-inspired techniques, including:

Moxibustion, introducing heat to acupuncture points or meridians using Moxa (a therapeutic herbal agent) or heat lamps to warm and relax muscles and energy.

Cupping, applying vacuum-sealed cups to the skin to enhance blood circulation and alleviate stagnant energy and muscle tension.

Gua Sha is energetic rubbing with a stone tool, stimulating the skin, boosting blood flow, and clearing stagnant energy.

Ear Acupuncture stimulates unique ear points to reinforce and extend therapeutic benefits.

John guides herbal or nutritional supplementation as needed, engaging in discussions about dietary and lifestyle adjustments. These considerations are carefully tailored to align with the patient’s medications and daily activities. Enquire your treatment concierge@the-hvn.com