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Signature Cosmetic Acupuncture  

Facial acupuncture is a highly effective treatment to encourage skin rejuvenation. 

Cosmetic facial acupuncture is a result-oriented treatment that targets skin ageing and facial concerns. It's holistic approach originates from traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture principles. It expands into modern bioscience to address underlying ageing factors and triggers skin regeneration, promoting wellbeing. 
It triggers skin bio stimulation, microcirculation, pigmentation and reduces fine lines. In effect, it works to improve skin tone, elasticity, and firmness. 
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                How Does Facial Acupuncture Work? 

                What Can Facial Acupuncture Help With? 

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John Tsagaris' signature cosmetic acupuncture (cosmetic facial acupuncture) is a safe and non-invasive method of skin revitalisation with minimal discomfort. 

After the first treatment, the benefits are noticeable up to a month, with accumulative results over time. 
Signature treatments and discounted offer packages are recommended, usually every three weeks to a month, to ensure the prolonged health and antiaging benefits of beauty facial acupuncture. John Tsagaris treats and suggests an appropriate course tailored to his patient's individual needs. 
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What the Treatment Involves. 

Cosmetic facial acupuncture session involves: 
A thorough consultation and diagnostic evaluation to discuss overall health and facial appearance problems 
Ear acupuncture therapy. Encourages health and analgesic benefits – Complimentary 
A whole-body acupuncture session. Assists with underlying health conditions and benefits the skin – Complementary 
Topical signature cosmetic facial acupuncture. Addresses localised skin issues and improve skin health 
Innovative use of traditional and modern therapeutic tools, including facial acupressure, facial cupping, derma-rollers/derma-stamps, electro-acupuncture, sonic technology 
During the treatment, neck and décolletage concerns may be discussed and bespoke treatment options can be explored 
Nourishing moisturisation 
Aftercare advice 
Nutritional and herbal recommendations 
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