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Dr. (TCM) John Tsagaris is an acknowledged authority in Traditional Chinese Medicine and most well-known for his specialization in advanced cosmetic acupuncture and non-invasive aesthetic techniques. His bespoke work is a result-oriented integration between the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and new scientific medical insights to ‘Ageing Well’ innovations.

With his vast experience and knowledge on skin conditions, he addresses all skin irregularities treating internal pathogenic as well as aesthetic concerns with his unique acupuncture protocols as well as supporting his patients with individually tailored herbal and nutritional supplementation and further advice.

‘I can’t stop smiling probably one of the my entire profound experiences’
Jane Cunningham, Financial Times and Beauty Blogger

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a recognized medical discipline which identifies and addresses health issues holistically, through the application of acupuncture, specific bodywork, as well as herbal, supplement and lifestyle recommendations discussed throughout the bespoke health related treatments.

Dr. John Tsagaris treats the patient working on specific pressure points, incorporating special methodology such as acupuncture, stretching, acupressure, cupping, ear acupuncture, electric stimulation, and other individual focused acupuncture techniques as appropriate, for as result oriented approach to restoring energy balance and health.

‘It was the most amazing treatment’
Sonia Juttla, Stella magazine

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