Seahorses have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many hundreds of years but sadly like so many animal based remedies there is absolutely no evidence it actually works. It has been scientifically tested and researched, yet to date nothing has been found to show it has an benefits.

Dead seahorses are used for a wide variety of supposed cures from baldness to fertility, impotence to throat problems, menstrual problems to kidneys and to feed this baseless ‘cure’ over 150 million seahorses per annum are killed (source: Save Our Seahorses 2012) which is directly leading their potential extinction in 20 to 30 years.

This cannot be allowed to continue as the planet will ultimately suffer (as will humans) and so there needs to be a change in approach and direction with traditional medicines so that the natural world can flourish and at the same time the planet, which in turn helps mankind.

The Seahorse Trust and John Tsagaris Clinic along with SkinPointEight have teamed up together do something about this and John Tsagaris and his team are making a stance and no using animal based products in their treatments.

Here at the trust we are 100% supportive of John Tsagaris and the team and we hope others will also make a stance to protect the natural world. especially seahorses for generations to come.

Without this partnership approach; working in partnership with nature, we cannot make the difference we need to do for the future of our planet.

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