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What is needle shaping?  

Needle Shaping is a non-invasive technique that naturally stimulates new tissue in the skin, increase volume, strengthens collagen and elastin fibres and provides a lifting effect without any artificial filling agents. 
With the use of acupuncture needles and a mild electric/galvanic mixed current, this technique is different to other skin-stimulating aesthetic treatments currently available. Once the acupuncture needles are skilfully placed, a mild current, which is programmed with basic parameters (pulse width and pulse repetition rate), stimulates the needles (without any sensation), using the latest model of Needle Shaping technology up to date. Needle Shaping describes the technique of inserting acupuncture needles into the skin and then applying mixed current to the needles that shifts the water in the skin away from the needle tip, which effectively dehydrates the tissue. This then allows each needle to pick up elastin and collagen fibres and organise natural ‘threads’ that lift, re- structure and volumise the skin. 
Once the ‘thread’ is formed from the skin’s own collagen, traction is then applied to the acupuncture needle, which results in an autologous micro-transplantation of the patient’s own collagen fibres. Ultimately, the technique results in a lifting and volumising effect in the treatment area. The results are profound after the first treatment and in addition, the overall skin benefits accumulative results that build up over a couple of weeks post treatment. 

Needle shaping treatment areas  

The most common treatment areas are the face (lips, crow’s feet, contour, double chin, nasolabial lines and eyebrows) and neck although it can be used for abdominal area and any area that needs lifting including: 
Forehead lines 
Dropped eyebrows 
Hollow temples 
The area around the eyes 
Depressed scars 

What makes needle shaping unique?  

John Tsagaris is using a unique and exclusive protocol of combining his signature cosmetic acupuncture, including health and wellbeing acupuncture points on the ears and body to address underlying ageing factors, as well as activating the energy flow of the face and body, to address short and long term health imbalances. 
As a pioneer in cosmetic acupuncture he incorporates his vast acupuncture experience and his sophisticated techniques with Needle Shaping, special needles that are placed strategically to reorganise and restructure the skin. The number of acupuncture needles used will vary on the area being treated, depending on the condition of the skin. The treatment incorporates the holistic principles of Chinese Medicine and addresses underlying ageing factors that contribute to aesthetic concerns with hands on and result based approach. 

Research findings into the effects of Needle Shaping 

Evaluation by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Skin specimens were coated with gold and viewed using a scanning electron microscope at different magnifications before (A and C) and after (B and D) needle shaping treatments were performed. 
Historical evaluation by light microscopy of biopsies taken before and after needle shaping treatment. (A and C) Skin samples before (panel A x 25 magnification, panel C x 100 magnification) and (B and D) after needle shaping treatment (panel B x 25 magnification, panel D x 100 magnification) were stained with trichrome staining (most significant micrographs are shown). Changes in matrix organisation are indicated by arrows. The images depicting tissues after treatment (B and D) demonstrated a more compact dermis, with a healthy matrix network. Specifically, collagen fibres are larger and thicker with a more ordered alignment of fibres of the treated skin as compared to the images obtained before treatment (A and C). 
“Where traditional acupuncture meets modern aesthetics” 

How many needle shaping treatments do I need and what will I notice?  

Usually four treatments are needed to get the best result in most areas, but, according to the individual needs of the patient, frequency and number of treatments may be specifically advised for targeted sessions. The results are very noticeable after the first treatment and they develop with time and follow up treatments. The results are profound and felt after the first treatment with noticeable lift. A maintenance course is highly recommended for ultimate results. 
The skin becomes brighter, tighter of a visibly younger appearance and on a histological level, it can visibly reveal a denser dermis populated with larger, thicker and more correctly organised collagen fibres. Needle shaping is an innovative aesthetic strategy for improving skin tone and volume with zero side effects. 

Are there any complications?  

As with any treatment involving needles into the skin, there is a small risk of topical bruising according to the individual's skin sensitivity. However, generally the chances are low with this treatment as no substance is injected into the skin during this treatment. Any superficial bruising is always self-corrected in a few days. In addition, pre-and post-care advice is discussed after the treatment. 
The non-invasive nature of this treatment and the subsequent positive results that it delivers, has gained the attention of the aesthetic world which embraces the benefits of the treatment as it provides a natural bio-stimulation of the skin. This treatment is quick, relatively painless without downtime and combines the years of experience of cosmetic acupuncture that 
Dr. John Tsagaris has mastered along with the very exclusive and innovative Needle Shaping protocol that elevates the treatment to a modern, natural and result oriented age-embracing treatment. 

What else do I have with the treatment?  

The procedure also includes a complementary LED light therapy skin activating treatment or a soothing mask according to the needs of the skin. LED light therapy is a relaxing, non-invasive skin-care treatment that has multiple benefits—particularly encouraging collagen production and addressing skin problems. LED light works by using an array of bright light-emitting diodes that send low-level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin. Red light LED stimulates cellular activity, including the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives young skin it's plump look. That helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles, treats sun-damage, stretch marks and reduces redness and skin irritation. A tailored light frequency of different monochromatic colours may be used according to the individual skin requirements to achieve maximum therapeutic results. 

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