Concierge service is the epitome of individualised, custom-fit tailored services that gives the flexibility to Get What You Need and When You Need it.

Exclusive Concierge Service that Dr. John Tsagaris can selectively provide, is for the busy London based or international individuals, who are either cannot book their desired day and time, in his London venues, in the specific working days or the other international locations he practices at the time. High-profile individuals, as well as others who are having tight schedules, have found John’s concierge services the ultimate answer to these challenging and highly personalized circumstances.

The private and confidential service is taking place in a variety of settings such as home, hotel, or anywhere appropriate according to patients’ preference and needs, including treatment variety, on one to one basis, cost effective travel options and complete enriched support towards beauty and wellbeing services.

To find out more about VIP concierge and book a personalised treatment in your place please send a direct message to Dr. Tsagaris at

Dr. John usually took less than 24 hours to reply personally

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