VIP Health Acupuncture London with Shiatsu Bodywork Massage 

VIP Health Acupuncture London with Shiatsu Bodywork Massage - relieving stress, pain and tension.  

Shiatsu (finger pressure) is a holistic Japanese form of bodywork based on acupuncture and Chinese medicine principles. It's effects on the body and mind include, relieving physical tensions and achieving better health and wellbeing.  
Shiatsu treats the whole body using assisted-stretching techniques and acupressure. 
VIP health acupuncture with shiatsu bodywork massage is ideal for addressing health issues and complementing current orthodox therapies and medication for musculoskeletal problems. It allows the receiver to experience the power of a centred balance of mind and body. The experience after treatment creates a feeling of calmness, relief and a sense of wellbeing for some time post-treatment. 
VIP Health acupuncture with Shiatsu Bodywork
"A profound and holistic experience that seamlessly treats mind, body and beauty concerns" 
Jane Cunningham - Financial Times 
John Tsagaris Cosmetic Acupuncture Harrods Knightsbridge London

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VIP Health Acupuncture with Shiatsu Bodywork massage harrods wellness clinic

Treatment available at the exclusive Harrods Wellness Clinic. 

John Tsagaris practices at the exclusive Harrods Wellness Clinic in Knightsbridge, London, offering a range of acupuncture treatments including: 
Harrods wellness clinic Knightsbridge London Acupuncture

VIP Health acupuncture with Shiatsu Bodywork Massage at the Harrods Wellness Clinic, Knightsbridge, London. 

John Tsagaris launches his inspiring treatments and methodologies in the Wellness Harrods Clinic, where holistic healing meets Western science health and wellbeing. With over twenty-five years of clinical experience, John has gained an established status in the UK and internationally. His 'hands on' approach to health and wellbeing take the form of a dynamic meridian acupressure bodywork. 
He offers health acupressure bodywork as a part of his acupuncture treatments in his bespoke portfolio of wellness treatments. His offering, addresses health conditions from pain-related and stiffness to infertility, digestive, hormonal and stress-related issues and over twenty years of clinical practice. The combination of shiatsu bodywork and acupuncture embodies the very essence of traditional Chinese medicine, where observation evolves into diagnosis and results in an appropriate treatment simultaneously. 
John starts his session by asking questions about the patient's current symptoms, medical history, sleeping pattern, appetite, hormone-related topics, digestion and emotional wellbeing. Next, the bodywork acupressure treatment involves applying pressure, on a fully clothed recipient, on specific acupuncture meridian points. Stretching and other acupressure techniques, moving from one point to another in a rhythmic sequence, eases body relaxation. 
The bodywork addresses tight muscles, neck, shoulder, lower back pain and proper action and advice for specific concerns. The treatment stimulates the body's vital energy and is calm and relaxing in nature, yet dynamic in effect. 
Once the body relaxes and the meridians become receptive to receive further treatment, John will use tailored acupuncture to optimise the therapeutic results. As a result, the body begins to re-adjust itself and healing takes place. 
John, during the treatment, may use other Chinese medicine inspired techniques such as: 
Moxibustion: heat introduction to an acupuncture point or meridian using moxa (a therapeutic herbal agent) or heat lamps to warm and relax muscles and energy. 
Cupping: Cups with a vacuum seal are placed on the skin to stimulate blood flow and clear stagnant energy and stiff muscles. 
Gua Sha: vigorous rubbing of a stone made tool, activating the skin, increasing blood flow, and clearing stagnant energy. 
Electro-stimulation: a gentle electric current that activates acupuncture or motor muscular points. 
Ear acupuncture: stimulation of unique points in the ears to reinforce and prolong therapeutic outcome. 
John advises the patient on herbal or nutritional supplementation as needed and discuss diet and lifestyle changes that need to be addressed, considering the compatibility with the patient's current medication and activities. 

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