Therapeutic Cupping  

Therapeutic cupping, sometimes referred to as cupping therapy, is a traditional form of Chinese medicine which has been used for thousands of years to treat inflammatory muscle conditions by increasing the blood circulation in specific areas of the body. This increase in blood circulation provides fresh oxygen and other anti inflammatory elements to the targeted area of the body often resulting in a reduction in inflammation and pain. 
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Why consider therapeutic cupping ? 

The National Library of Medicine provides a detailed summary of the published information on cupping therapy, its effects and mechanisms of action, but in summary the beneficial effects of cupping therapy examined include: 
Pain Reduction 
Improvements in the body's immune system 
Reduction of the toxin levels with the blood supply 
Increase in blood circulation 
Reduction in inflammation 

What can therapeutic cupping treat? 

The British Cupping Society acknowledges cupping therapy as a therapeutic treatment for: 
Blood disorders such as anemia and hemophilia 
Rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia 
Fertility and gynaecological disorders 
Skin problems such as eczema and acne 
High blood pressure 
Anxiety and depression 
Bronchial congestion caused by allergies and asthma 
Varicose veins 

John Tsagaris and Therapeutic Cupping  

Dr John Tsagaris uses the Cupping method as part of his Health Acupuncture treatments and incorporates it as an essential element of his VIP Health Acupuncture with Shiatsu Bodywork
As an internationally renowned Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), his client centric approach has earned him the trust of supermodels, actors, musicians and sports stars who value his personal attention to their wellbeing and who have become loyal and enthusiastic proponents of his treatments. 
Providing his exclusive personalised treatments at prestigious centres around the world including London, Madrid, Athens, and Dubai, he ensures that your wellbeing and beauty are his primary concern. 

What Therapeutic Cupping techniques does John Tsagaris employ? 

The appropriate methods depend on the needs of the patient at the time. However, treatments involve sliding cupping to stretch and massage the area using a therapeutic oil to facilitate the technique. 
John may heat the inside of the cup with a wet cotton ball to set a flame. The heat sends oxygen out of the cup, creating a vacuum. In practice, john may use a mechanical suction without fire using a unique tool. Once placed on your skin, the vacuum force pulls the skin up into the cup. 
a needle to lightly puncture skin before sometimes cupping creates a different technique that allows blood to be withdrawn from the treated area. Toxins leave the body through the punctured skin during the cupping procedure.  
Facial cupping:  
rubber glass cups are becoming an effective beauty trend towards rejuvenating and contributing to skin health. Facial cupping has gained popularity because it effectively primary the skin, brings more oxygenated blood to the surface and plumps moisture into the skin. John uses his unique facial cupping techniques during his signature cosmetic acupuncture to enhance microcirculation and encourage skin regeneration. 
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