Profhilo 1The treatment has been created to address skin laxity on the face and hands. Its action is exerted through the remodelling of the collagen and elastin fibres of the dermal matrix. It nourishes the dermal cells and restores firmness of the skin with a prolonged duration.

Its unique composition of the hyaluronic acid (HA) hybrid is exceptionally skin compatible and produced with the advanced method of bio-fermentation. The patented technology based, on stable hybrid cooperative complexes of hyaluronic acid at high and low molecular weight.

The injectable HA is free of additives which makes it safe and effective with no side effects. The injection protocol consists of five painless points of insertion to secure maximum comfort during the treatment. Visible results within two treatments (one month).

How does it work?

The hybrid cooperative complexes general a dual action:

  • Hydrating and stimulating action, related to low molecular weight (HYDRO). Resulting from a balanced concentration of low molecular weight of HA which stimulates endogenous skins own HA.
  • Dermal scaffold action (support), related to high molecular weight (LIFT). Resulting from its high molecular weight, counteracts skin laxity while remodelling the skin.

Facial bio-remodelling : £320

Combined facial and hand bio-remodelling:  £410

A package of 3 face only £690

A combined package of hands and face x 3 £870

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