Bio-Resonance Testing

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a technology that, whilst it is not new, is new to most people.

Originally bioresonance was developed in the 1940’s, and like all technology it has grown leaps and bounds in the last 20 years.

With the many thousands of remedies, herbs and supplements out available, we realise that to treat each client with a “protocol” is not treating them as an individual, which we all are.

This is where the Asyra is unique. Thousands of frequencies are tested safely, quickly and effectively with your unique physiology. The Asyra affords me a quick, painless and incredibly cost effective way of finding out exactly how your body, mind, emotions and energy fields are performing in real time, not in three weeks, but as you are sitting in front of me.

Together we can explore so much more than just your food intolerances, more than just your nutrient deficiencies. We would look at the energetic state of internal organs, environmental sensitivities, nutritional needs, hormonal balance, toxin response, parasites and viruses and any presenting symptoms.  This is an important tool as it can be used as an effective preventative method in order to treat illness at its root and at the earliest possible stage by checking the energetic status.

The Asyra is the future of healthcare. Disease does not begin with pathology, but with a preclinical phase. Functional disturbances occur when a living organism can no longer compensate adequately for changes in the environment. Environmental changes include both internal conditions of the body and external circumstances.

Re-establishing balance to the energetic pathways (that run through all organs, glands, and tissues) may hold the key to restoring and maintaining optimum health. This approach is not looking for any particular disease state, and therefore no claims of diagnosis can be made.

Initial Consultation 90 mins

Cost: £200

Follow up Consultation 60 mins

Cost: £150

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