Needle Shaping without electric current - The Acuskinlift Method.  

Needle Shaping without electric current and no side effectsAcuskinlift Method. 

The skin rejuvenation Acuskinlift method by Dr John Tsagaris helps to volumise and firm the skin. 
His unique natural method uses tiny needles that craft the skin to re-organise collagen and elastin fibres, forming natural collagen threads that support the skins structure. The skins own collagen fibres wrap around the needles creating firm natural threads to enhance skin firmness. 
The non-painful Acuskinlift method doesn't use mixed electric current, which may irritate the facial tissues and nerves and adapt to a more holistic and non-invasive approach. 
The biostimulation process activates fibroblast skin cells to produce more collagen to optimise skin volume and health. The results are firmer, plumper and more youthful skin. 
“My face feels so plumped and it looks so much younger! Thank you!” 
Elena Sandor 
John Tsagaris Cosmetic Acupuncture Harrods Knightsbridge London

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Acuskinlift - Reducing lines without fillers 

The benefits of Acuskinlift are very profound after the first treatment, with noticeable lift and volume. The effects of the facial treatment keep building up with time with follow-up treatments tailored to the individual needs. Dr Tsagaris, after an initial consultation, advises on the beneficial outcome and discuss a personal bespoke plan for best results. 
The skin becomes firmer and tighter, with more volume and a natural glow. In addition, histologically, it can visibly reveal a denser dermis populated with larger, thicker and more organised collagen fibres. 
Acuskinlift can be performed on the face, neck, decolletage, abdomen (especially after pregnancy), buttocks, arms, knees and other areas of skin laxity issues. 
The treatment has minimal downtime and no side effects. However, some people with sensitive skin or under certain medications may experience a small self-corrected bruise. 
The natural method of Acuskinlift is a non-invasive, natural treatment with no adverse effects and encourages long-lasting results. 

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