Ear Acupuncture Therapy 

Ear Acupuncture - combatting allergies and ailments.  

The treatment is an effective solution for weight loss management. Long-term studies suggest that the therapy increases metabolic function, promoting body fat consumption, resulting in weight loss.  
Equally, it treats various ailments such as inflammation, circulatory, digestive problems, insomnia and mental disorders, migraines, smoking, anxiety, acute or post-surgery pain, depression, digestive issues and behavioural health. 
“John is London’s best-kept secret!” 
Penelope Cruz 
John Tsagaris Cosmetic Acupuncture Harrods Knightsbridge London

                What is ear acupuncture? 

                What can ear acupuncture treat? 

                How is ear acupuncture treatment delivered?  

                Book an ear acupuncture treatment 

Treatment available at the exclusive Harrods Wellness Clinic. 

John Tsagaris practices at the exclusive Harrods Wellness Clinic in Knightsbridge, London, offering a range of accupuncture treatments including: 

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