Q&A with Acupuncturist, Dr John Tsagaris TCM

Acupuncturist, Dr John Tsagaris TCM

What does a beauty skin treatment at John Tsagaris do for your skin?

My beauty treatments provide holistic methods to address skin concerns and identify causation factors of premature ageing. I combine different techniques to affect skin from a cellular to structural level, integrating the wisdom of Chinese medicine with advanced Western applications to bring maximum, long lasting results.


Are your treatments for all types of skin and age conditions?

My treatments focus on the individual needs of my patients, every age has its skin problems and I treat and advise accordingly. I focus on skin and its individual challenges rather than age group or skin type. Having dry, oily, combination skin is not a ‘type’ as such, but rather an underlying issue affecting the skin at the time. It could be hormonal, bacterial, digestive, stress or other factors that change the skin. I use Chinese Medicinals to normalise the skin and advanced western technologies to optimise the skin, its performance and appearance.


How many treatment sessions is normal to have?

I usually see my patients twice a month in my London Chelsea Clinic. When I work overseas I try to see clients as much as possible to maximise results and create healthier, more beautiful skin.


What are the things that your clients will feel after the skin treatment?

Results are noticeable at the end of their first session with skin looking vibrant, glowing and plumped. The results are accumulative as the treatment remodels the structural collagen and elastin fibres of the skin, making it firmer and healthier.


Why do you use LED? Do you use the same treatment and light/led or do you personalise?

I compliment some of my skin treatments with LED light therapy in addition to acupuncture because the non-invasive light exposure facilitates better skin cell responses and improves collagen production, elasticity and hydration levels. I use Blue light for acne prone skin or inflammation, Green light for pigmentation issues and Red for antiaging and collagen boosting results or a combination if necessary.


Can a client that has had fillers Botox, can have your treatment?

It needs to be stated that Botox is not an antiaging treatment that assists skin regeneration therefore my treatment would complement the preventative aspect of Botox to enhance skin antiageing results. Different individualised techniques are employed to help skins vitality and resilience to aging.


What precautions should a client take before a skin treatment?

Two days prior to acupuncture treatments, the client should avoid blood thinning supplementation or medication e.g. Aspirin, Warfarin, blood pressure medication and fish oils, as this will potentiate a slight bruising. This will not affect the success of the treatment and it will subside within 2-3 days.