Kalamaya Resort. The best place for a life-changing treatment!


Kamalaya Resort is a Koh Samui hotel and health retreat in Thailand and John’s next destination for practising wellness treatments.

Kamalaya Koh Samui Thailand Resort

Kamalaya is a wellness sanctuary and holistic spa resort in Koh Samui. It is also known as one of the best resorts in Thailand.

They offer a series of wellness programs that include tackling stress, detoxing and creating an emotional balance. This is offered alongside a group or personal yoga retreat.

Their first point of call, however, is developing a healthy lifestyle. This can be around diet, weight management, fitness, and sleep.

The Koh Sumi hotel also offers both rooms and villas with an extensive variety at their disposal. There’s hillside locations, beach-front and sea views.

It is based around a monk’s cave that once was a place of meditation and spiritual retreat for monks. Clearly, it has a history of calming and healing.

It’s a destination that makes people put their lives into perspective. They clear psychological and emotional clutter and gain the ability to cope with “real life” once they return home.

John Tsagaris is an internationally renowned doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He offers treatments including acupuncture, LED Light Therapy and cupping therapy.

His exclusive Signature cosmetic acupuncture integrates Chinese medical wisdom with western scientific interventions. John is pioneering cosmetic acupuncture in the UK and is now taking it to Kamalaya.

The process triggers healing which facilitates increased micro-circulation and oxygen supply to the skin as well as encouraging skin’s own soothing agents. It is a wellness and beauty treatment that must be tried.

If Koh Samui is a bit far afield with you then you can book closer to home now. Book your appointment in London or Athens.