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Acuskinskinlift is a natural skin crafting and firming method that Dr John Tsagaris has developed. The technique is a fusion of aesthetics and his years mastering his facial cosmetic acupuncture rejuvenation protocols. The system is a skin collagen reorganisation mechanism to support the skin's firmness. The procedure involves painless unique manipulation acupuncture of needles to craft threads from the skin to enhance its structure and improve facial tone, volume, and symmetry. 
Acuskinlift embraces a unique protocol that addresses facial cosmetic concerns as well as holistically treating internal and external factors of ageing using a bespoke wellness journey. 
The painless treatment includes: 
Ear seeds treatment 
Facial reflexology 
Facial fascia stretching, 
Body-face connection acupuncture techniques, 
Soothing and hydrating face sheet mask 
Skincare advise 
Aftercare and treatment planning 
What is needle crafting? 
The procedure is a natural technique that helps add volume to the cheekbones and address skin laxity, glabellar lines, crow's feet, and double chin. It sharpens the jows and other areas of the face without injecting any substances. It has noticeable skin-tightening effects on problematic facial areas. 
In addition, the technology allows each needle to absorb collagen and elastin fibres to form natural "threads" that lift and restructure the skin's structure, giving it volume and firmness. Once the "threads" of the skin's own collagen are formed, traction is applied to the acupuncture needles, which rejuvenates and firms the skin. 
Acuskinlift is a rejuvenating skin treatment that combines the principles of a holistic approach with result-oriented aesthetic results. In Acuskinlift, acupuncture needles of different sizes are inserted into selected areas of the skin and stimulated with painless expert manipulation. This procedure rearranges skin collagen fibres and has a prolonged effect on the biostimulation of skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin and improve the skin's resilience to ageing. 

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