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When Kathleen Baird-Murray was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder, she found several of her friends had experienced the same thing, but the results of their various methods of dealing with it were mixed. From cupping and acupuncture to steroid injections, she breaks down the treatments that really helped. 
This blog post was originally posted here on December 6th 2021 
While physiotherapy offers a long-term approach, acupuncture and cupping – administered by John Tsagaris at Harrods Wellness Clinic – provided some instant relief, although to have noticeable results, you would need it once a week, most research suggests. Tsagaris used acupuncture needles to facilitate a smoother flow of energy and ease the tight joint muscles by stimulating nerve pathways in the treated area. “It releases nitric oxide that relaxes the muscles and increases microcirculation,” says Tsagaris, “boosting endorphins and other neurochemicals to address the pain and discomfort.” 
He then treated my shoulder area with cupping to forcefully improve the blood circulation, getting the fresh blood and oxygen moving, which in turn alleviates inflammation and further relaxes the muscles. The resulting bruises, some purple, some red, were fascinating souvenirs (temporary, they disappeared in days), with the purplish hue showing where the blood was more “stagnant”. Tsagaris also used near-infrared light therapy and moxibustion (where mugwort leaves are burned close to the skin to enhance acupuncture healing), to increase the anti-inflammatory responses in the area. It felt absolutely amazing. 
John Tsagaris practices health and beauty acupuncture in the exclusive surroundings of the Harrods Wellness Clinic in Knightsbridge London. 
He is a world renowned expert, practitioner and educator, often appearing in the world's most prestigious magazines. 
John's approach is personal and addresses both the inner and outer benefits of acupuncture and mindfulness 
Ear Acupuncture from John Tsagaris Knightsbridge
“... It felt absolutely amazing.” 
Kath;een Baird-Murray, Vogue 
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