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Shiatsu Massage and Health Acupuncture at The Wellness Clinic at Harrods 

My mother has scoliosis, my grandmother had osteoporosis, I feel like a ticking time bomb. 
I hoped that if I inherited either of these conditions, it might not show up until much later in life. But alarms bells went off when I visited Dr. (TCM) John Tsagaris at The Wellness Clinic in London and he noticed I had one hip higher than the other. 
The renowned practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, John Tsagaris, has for the past twenty years been treating patients using time honoured methods of medicine. He uses a holistic multi-dimensional approach to fixing the mind, body and spirit. I have been following him on Instagram for many years but until recently we had never met in person. So, it was a great pleasure to be invited to meet him and experience one of his treatments. 
The Wellness Clinic at Harrods is a tranquil and private space that John Tsagaris works out of several days a week. 
This blog post was originally posted here on December 6th 2021 
Before starting any treatment, John discusses your current state of health, including your sleep patterns, emotions, digestion and whether you are stressed. He also looks at your tongue which can be a give away to many internal problems and then checks your blood pressure. Mine was quite low and John explained this might account for any tiredness I was feeling. 
Then to ascertain your musculoskeletal alignment, John observes you from behind as you stand without shoes. He can immediately see any visual imbalances and in my case, he immediately noticed the misalignment of my spine and lower back and that in fact, one hip was higher than the other. 
As John Tsagaris uses a multi-dimensional approach to treating the body, for me, he used a combination of Shiatsu Massage, Health Acupuncture and Ear Seeding/Ear Acupuncture. 

Shiatsu Bodywork Massage 

The first treatment that John carried out was Shiatsu (finger pressure) Bodywork Massage, an ancient Chinese medicine that is a therapeutic bodywork that treats the whole body using stretching techniques and acupressure. This encourages the body’s own healing mechanism and merges oriental bodywork with chiropractic techniques. This treatment helps to alleviate physical and emotional concerns as well as back and shoulder pain, stiffness, digestive issues, stress and other psychological problems. The treatment helps overall relaxation and gives you a sense of wellness. This is the perfect way to holistically rebalance and ground your mind and body. The treatment is performed while you are fully clothed and relaxed on the treatment bed. 
Although an intuitive healer, John Tsagaris uses Shiatsu Massage to fully understand your body and the areas that need treating. The Shiatsu Massage was skilfully and seamlessly carried out. The sensation as Dr Tsagaris manipulates the body to rebalance and realign it, is relaxing and productive. It’s comfortable and gradually your body yields to being in a slightly different position as muscles relax and your mind starts to clear. 

Health Acupuncture 

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Ear Acupuncture – Ear Seeding 

To continue the effects of my combined treatment, John Tsagaris applied several ear seeds, these are tiny balls held in place by clear surgical plastic, that continue to apply pressure in the ear offering a host of benefits. I even had two very stylish Swarovski Crystal ear seeds applied, that I am told are very popular with brides who are stressed or nervous before their wedding. The seeds are carefully placed and can have an effect for up to a week or until they naturally drop off. 
John Tsagaris made me feel extremely relaxed during my consultation and treatment. He explained every procedure he was going to carry out and very quickly identified several areas of concern and even spotted things I wasn’t aware of, especially the difference in height of my hips. 
The treatment was in most parts painless and relaxing. The benefits were really felt after I left the clinic. I walked taller and straighter and felt clear headed and very much at peace. I slept so well that night and the following day, my shoulders and neck were more comfortable and the feeling of being less stressed, calmer and more relaxed lasted well into the following days. I will need a course of treatments to fully address the condition of my spine and back. 
Ear Acupuncture from John Tsagaris Knightsbridge
“... It felt absolutely amazing.” 
Kath;een Baird-Murray, Vogue 
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