When you’re trying to get pregnant, it can seem like everyone is either in their first, second or third trimester – or even, a few weeks post-labour. Of course, putting your body under additional stress – by focusing all your energy on the act of becoming pregnant – won’t help and will serve to make you feel more frustrated and even more eager to get things moving. 
But whether you’re just beginning on your fertility journey, or you feel quite desperate that you have exhausted all available options, there may be an answer – and it’s completely natural. 

What is Fertility Acupuncture? 

Offered at Harrods Wellness Clinic in Knightsbridge, London, acupuncture for fertility can help prepare your body for the onset of a pregnancy. While some people may dismiss the ancient technique as ‘mumbo jumbo’, randomised trials in China have demonstrated significantly better pregnancy rates for acupuncture than conventional medicine. This is according to The British Acupuncture Council – an online portal which offers a host of advice for anyone struggling to conceive. 
At a glance, what is fertility acupuncture? 
According to Bounty, it’s one of the most popular alternative therapies to help boost fertility 
It’s based on a system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM, which dates back 3000-5000 years 
It involves fine needles being inserted into different parts of the body; this helps correct imbalance in energy – known as ‘Qi’ – which then flows around your body in energy meridians ‘channels’ 
Utilising different acupuncture channels, the technique gets the energy flowing and can treat a host of hormone-related issues 
Priming your body for fertility, acupuncture for fertility increases blood flow to the uterus and ovaries and helps relax the muscles. This can then make it easier for the embryo to implant. 
It maximises the chances of IVF or IUI or any other western fertility treatments. 

Acupuncture For Fertility: What Problems Are Faced? 

John investigates and addresses fertility-related problems, including: 
egg reserve or egg quality issues, 
ovulation problems, 
regularity of menstrual cycle, 
polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), 
fibroids, unexplained infertility, 
stress-related factors and overall wellbeing. 
A course of acupuncture sessions will be recommended following the menstrual cycle, ovulation, and patient’s overall health. 
In the UK, fertility issues are due to: 
30% male patients, 
30% female patients, and 
30-40% are due to both patients or unexplained causes. 
John Tsagaris, while treating men, assess the overall health of the patient and discuss hormonal concerns, sperm quality and quantity, and psychological factors that may contribute to fertility problems. 

How Acupuncture For Fertility Works 

Frequently John suggests seeing both the woman and man during the first consultation to assess fertility complications. 
Specifically, within the acupuncture protocol, he suggests sessions at various critical times during the IVF/IUI process: 
Leading up to menstruation. Regulating the cycle and creating a natural, predictable pattern determines how well balanced the body performs. John Tsagaris complements any hormonal intervention offered to the patient with a personalised acupuncture strategy. 
Preparation of IVF/IUI cycle. It is a crucial period where depending on the hormonal intervention or just embryo transfer, the patient needs to be optimal. 
Pre- and post-embryo transfer. Acupuncture sessions will be scheduled strategically before and after the embryo transfer to facilitate the body’s response to the procedure. 
The Two-Week waiting period. It is vital to minimise stress and anxiety during this time as it may interfere with the outcome. John will offer comforting sessions that help support the patient and relieve tension. 
John Tsagaris will have an extensive consultation with his patient. He will investigate underlying health contributing problems, taking an overall health assessment by recording the menstrual cycle and patterns. He may request current blood and hormonal test results to support his findings, choosing an individually tailored treatment protocol. 

How Does Acupuncture Benefit Fertility? 

If acupuncture does benefit fertility, then how does it work? In the West – according to research highlighted in the mentioned British Acupuncture Council – it can help regulate fertility hormones. This promotes the release of beta-endorphins and other fertility boosting hormones in the brain, as well as oestrogen and progesterone levels from the ovaries. 
Ruth Crilly tells her story and the benefits of acupuncture treatment from John Tsagaris. 

How Many Sessions of Acupuncture for Fertility are Needed? 

At this point, perhaps your question is this: ‘how many sessions of acupuncture for fertility are required?’ After all, a treatment like this may not always be sought on the NHS and you may find that your only option is to go private. 
Cost, therefore will be of paramount importance to you – can you afford it when you’ve already gone through a round or two of IVF? In same cases women tried as much as six or seven times! 
We don’t want to say: ‘how long is a piece of string?’, but what we will say is this: re-tuning your body isn’t an overnight process – and it may require a little time and patience in order for you to fall pregnant, or boost your overall fertility health. 
The Acufertility blog has plenty of great advice on this subject, stating that it’s a ‘terrific question’, and one that everyone wants to know the answer to. 
There are, of course, certain times during your cycle (if you’re a woman receiving acupuncture treatment, for example) which will prove more beneficial when it comes to your appointment times. 
According to the Acufertility blog article, the most important times to undergo acupuncture are during the follicular phase – day 5, 6,7 or 8 of your menstrual cycle (day 1 being the first day of heavy flow), the day of, day before or day after ovulation (as indicated by your LH surge), and during implantation time (6 – 10 days after ovulation). 

Delivering Acupuncture Treatments For Fertility at the Prestigious Harrods Wellness Clinic 

John Tsagaris is currently based in the iconic Harrods Wellness Clinic which integrates health, beauty and wellness in a bespoke innovative space in the heart of Knightsbridge in London.  

What About IVF? 

Acupuncture can be used alongside IVF quite naturally – and for people going through the procedure. Acufertility recommends you start treatment around six weeks prior to transfer. 
Advising you to attend your initial consultation as early as possible, the site suggests that you’ll be giving your body the best possible chance of preparing for pregnancy by doing do. 

How Long Does Acupuncture for Fertility Take? 

What about the length of your acupuncture treatment? Will it interfere with your day at all? Fertility acupuncture shouldn’t have to take long at all, especially after your initial appointment. 
Acupuncture for pregnancy appointments generally take an hour, sometimes less and there’s always the option to book a course of fertility acupuncture London treatments to make sure you’re enjoying the best value for money. 

What About Results; Does Fertility Acupuncture Work? 

What you really want to hear in all of this is the answer to the question above. While some people may not be able to attribute a particular treatment to conception, others are certain – and dumbfounded – that a natural approach like acupuncture has been able to help them on their fertility journey. 
A six-month detox, a medication ban and acupuncture did the trick for the wife of McFly’s Harry Judd – and you can read all about the couple’s struggle, and eventual triumph, here. 
I had the pleasure to treat the beauty blogger and professional model, Ruth Crilly, who had been struggling on the road to fertility for some time. Ruth explains all about the trials and tribulations of eventually becoming pregnant in this blog. 
And while she admits she was ‘sceptical’ at first, the results, for her, were truly astounding. Head to the blog to see a full-term Ruth and take a look around her site to hear about her new life as a mum – something that she had always dreamed about. 

Success stories 

In the recent months, my fertility patients have significantly increased. 
These are people with unexplained infertility or patients taking the IVF (in vitro fertilisation) or IUI (Intrauterine insemination) journey or simply want to maximise their chances of natural conception. 
Success stories are countless, and the NHS embraced combination of acupuncture with the medical recommended methods, statistically increases the potential of pregnancy. 
Some people would be sceptics to consider acupuncture, but the body of evidence and the success stories that keep establishing the practice, it makes it a way to maximise the chances of pregnancy whatever route you choose. 

Ruth Crilly's Story 

Ruth Crilly was initially a sceptic, however having embarked on a course of treatment from John Tsagaris she was quite literally converted.  
She featured her success story on her YouTube videos and blog "THE JOHN TSAGARIS CLINIC AND MY FERTILITY JOURNEY" 
I love working with hesitant or sceptic patients as I like to educate them about the science and therapeutic effects of acupuncture especially when it comes to fertility issues. 

Acupuncture for Fertility: The Next Steps 

Have you decided to forgo another round of IVF and instead try a gentler approach to fertility? One of our most requested treatments, acupuncture for fertility can set you out on the road to pregnancy – and a healthier one at that. 
Widely recognised as a great, all-natural boost for women’s health, fertility acupuncture can also be used in conjunction with western reproductive medicine – so you may not have to shun IVF after all or increase your chances over 60%, combining both methods. 
Facilitating blood flow to the endometrium and addressing any underlying conditions, which may be affecting your ability to get pregnant, fertility acupuncture can be used alongside nutritional and herbal supplementation with encouraging effects. 
With vast experience treating women and men with reproductive health challenges, I have tailored programmes that can help regulate a healthier menstrual cycle safely, aid the release of natural hormone responses, assist with mid-cycle regulation and follicle maturity irregularities and improve sperm quality and constituency. 
While couples are generally nervous ahead of a fertility consultation, I advise them here at the Harrods Wellness clinic in London that a visit to my Knightsbridge base, is nothing to be anxious about. 
The consultation will typically begin with taking down a full medical history. This will include details of your menstrual cycle and the outcome of any fertility tests that you havc had. Alongside the procedure itself, you may also benefit from some additional bodywork to loosen up tight mucsles and facilitate energy and blood flow throughout the body, dietary advice, ear acupuncture to prolong the results of the treatment and tips on natural supplementation also. 
Ready to get going? A course of treatments is usually required and your treatment programme will begin with your thorough consultation. 
Are you ready to explore the potential of your body?. 

Book your treatment today 

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