Where medical research, acupuncture, aesthetics, cosmetics & Chinese medicine integrate into a symbiotic fusion for the next generation facial cosmetic acupuncturist. 

An advanced approach to cosmetic acupuncture, facilitating a competitive edge in appearance enhancement & collagen remodelling. 
Dr John Tsagaris brings over 25 years of clinical experience, specialist dermatological information from Beijing University, and will be uniquely placed to educate you on how to deliver treatments to elite clientele. 
He has Partnered with Health Med. Training Solutions to provide comprehensive & highly interactive eLearning courses, together with hands on practical masterclass training #AcuSkinLift ™ & elite mentoring opportunities. 

Learning Pathways 

FCA: Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture 
eCourse 5/9 – Coming Soon 
eCourse 6/9 – Coming Soon 
eCourse 7/9 – Coming Soon 
eCourse 8/9 – Coming Soon 
eCourse 9/9 – Coming Soon 

Standard Entry Requirements: 

All applicants are required to: 
Have up to date medical malpractice insurance 
Be current members of a recognised healthcare board 
Online learning is not designed to replace practical training 
Healthcare professionals may be considered for study and CPD purposes only 
Important Clarity: 
To practice as an Acupuncturist you must study a relevant 3 year degree level course (check your countries regulations for more information) 

The FCA Practical Masterclass 

For those who have successfully completed all 9 of the eCourses. 
You will be learning the #Acuskinlift method directly from Dr. John Tsagaris the ‘go-to’ pioneer practitioner in the field of cosmetic acupuncture in UK & internationally. 
This delightful fusion of traditional skills & scientific insights elevates your practice profoundly into an aesthetic anti-ageing (positive age management), patient centric & result-oriented treatment. Preparing you to deliver treatment at the highest level. 
Some of what you will be learning includes: 
Facial diagnostics-metrics 
Facial landscape and treatment architecture 
The psychology of wrinkles 
Facial acupuncture – tradition versus skin biostimulation 
The science of needling 
Fascia release & facial reflexology 
Acupuncture peripheral protocol (body/auricular) – the holistic embraces the topical intervention 
Needling techniques for optimal results (collagen remodelling & lifts) 
Aesthetic enhancements adding to the treatment – the art of the traditional & the integration of the modern technology 
Afterthoughts – Q&A – introduction to the group & elite mentorship programs 

eCourse 1/9 – Advanced Anatomy Physiology of the face 

Learning Outcomes 

Advanced Anatomy & Physiology of the Face & Neck 
Proficient Myology Comprehension of the Mimetic & Facial Muscles 
Learn the Latest in Aesthetic Research & Develop Clinical Reasoning 
Master Interdisciplinary Communication & Collaboration 
Innovative Interactive Tools & Training Videos from Dr. John Tsagaris 

eCourse 2/9 – Structure and Function of the skin 

Learning Outcomes 

Complete working knowledge of the skin down to a histological level 
8 x modules to learn how acupuncture transforms the dermal architecture 
Confidence to integrate skin analysis, structure & functions of the skin 
Skin quality summary & observational video tutorial 
Explanation & impact of skin pH, neocollagenesis & fibroblast stimulation 

eCourse 3/9 – Ageing TCM Biomedical 

Learning Outcomes 

Ageing – Structural, Functional, Morphological & Physiological changes 
Practical working synergy between both TCM & biomedical spheres for rejuvenation 
Ideal mini-intensive to understanding the basics in skincare fundamentals 
Learn how to clinically apply acupuncture to support structural changes due to ageing 
Get equipped to communicate & collaborate with dermatologists, plastic surgeons & aestheticians 

eCourse 4/9 – TCM Principles and the Skin 

Learning Outcomes 

Deeper understanding of TCM Principles as they relate to the skin 
Clinically relevant TCM approaches to addressing skin concerns 
Never before seen interactive study aides 
Gain understanding of TCM terminology & concepts related to ageing 
Insight into the most commonly applied acupuncture points 

eCourse 5/9 – TCM Syndrome Pattern-Differentiation 

Learning Outcomes 

Identify common TCM Syndrome-Patterns 
Understand how best to diagnose & create a treatment plan 
Consider why, when & how to integrate treatment methods 
Overall skin inspection to achieve complexion perfection 
Relate the organs & skin to facial cosmetic acupuncture 

eCourse 6/9 – Pathogenic Factors & Skin Classifications 

Learning Outcomes 

Discover how pathogenic factors affect the skin 
Classify skin for a better prognosis 
Cultivate dietary guides to support dermatological health 
Offer effective lifestyle advice to supplement treatment plans 
Get the gold standard skin classification scales 

eCourse 7/9 – FCA Safe Practice 

Learning Outcomes 

The differences between modern FCA practice to TCM acupuncture 
Latest theory & research on FCA & safety 
Step-by-step guide to address complex aesthetic concerns safely 
Patient-centric approach to delivering personalised treatment 
Learn how to deal with minor adverse events professionally 

eCourse 8/9 – FCA in Clinical Practice 

Learning Outcomes 

Unique application of advanced FCA protocol using the latest clinical research 
Multiple video demonstrations. Let Dr. John walk you the through treatment 
Clinical guide to facial cosmetic acupuncture & patient management 
Secret tips on how to consult at the highest level from the very first treatment 
Learn about current trends in aesthetic treatments & how to incorporate them 

eCourse 9/9 – Aesthetic Concerns & Dermatological Conditions 

Learning Outcomes 

Comprehensive treatment points, formulas & guidebooks to download 
Common aesthetic concerns & how to address them successfully 
Dermatological signs & conditions with their common Syndrome-Patterns 
Educate, inform & partner with your patients with tailored treatments 
Utilise all of these tools to establish an award-winning FCA clinic 

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