Facial acupuncture addresses the symptoms and causes of facial ageing simultaneously in a holistic non invasive way 

The facial acupuncture course focuses on a specialised practice that is inspired from the Chinese medicine principles and blends modern science and aesthetics into an advanced method of facial enhancement. 
It has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its holistic approach to beauty and it is often compared to modern cosmetic treatments. When it comes to needle handling aesthetic treatments, such as, derma-fillers or muscle-relaxant injections, there are so many cosmetic choices, however limited to the topical aesthetic facial concerns. Facial cosmetic acupuncture bridges Eastern tradition and Western science in a very innovative way to be  
a credible choice and result oriented alternative within the aesthetic and wellness industry. 

Facial cosmetic acupuncture course online description  Key Learning Outcomes: 45 Certified CPD points  

Advanced TCM and Biomedical knowledge 
Understand facial ageing, causes and treatment options 
Deliver cosmetic facial acupuncture treatments with the confidence of a specialist 
Offer this exciting natural treatment to your patients with a focus on aesthetic concerns 
Bridge skill and communication gaps across medical approaches 
Feel empowered to achieve great results in a competitive beauty market 
Incorporate modern aesthetic methods to complement cosmetic facial acupuncture outcome 
Increase your clinics revenue potential 

Facial acupuncture online course Modules  The advanced cosmetic facial acupuncture course includes:  

Module 1 Cosmetic facial acupuncture course online 

Precise anatomy, physiology of the skin, face and neck 
Comprehensive mimetic function of facial muscles. Methods to address muscle symmetry and tone 
In-depth combination of biomedical and a Chinese medicine understanding of the facial and skin landscape. 
Dermatological skin types and features 
Chronological skin changes and ways to address them 

Module 2 Cosmetic facial acupuncture course online 

Traditional Chinese medicine, history of beauty and aesthetics 
Integrating fundamental Chinese medicine skills with biomedical knowledge of health, beauty and skin care 
Chinese medicine Syndrome-Pattern differentiation and perception of ageing. 
Clinical application of skin inspection, diagrams and infographics 
Pathogenic factors in skin health and appearance 
Detailed Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment methods to address common aesthetic goals 
Skin classification scales 

Module 3 Cosmetic facial acupuncture course online 

Combine advanced Chinese medicine and biomedical understanding to specialise in cosmetic facial acupuncture 
Utilise advanced knowledge of facial cosmetic acupuncture protocols and procedures 
Awareness of safety management and professional limitations 
Application of different techniques inspired from Chinese medicine and modern aesthetics 
Cosmetic assessment methods and how-to tailor facial acupuncture treatment plans 
Confident to address common topical aesthetic skin concerns 
Comprehensive points for treatment and acupuncture point combinations 

This cosmetic facial acupuncture course is for you if you: 

Are a health care practitioner who wants to progress with advanced skills in facial cosmetic acupuncture 
You want to offer specialised facial acupuncture beyond the traditional use of acupuncture points 
You are an acupuncturist or Chinese Doctor who wants to enter the beauty and wellness industry successfully 
You are interested in integrating Chinese Medicine with modern aesthetics 
You want to incorporate new methods and technologies into your acupuncture practice 
You evolve facial acupuncture beyond traditional facial acupuncture points 
You feel that your practice needs a focused direction in a niche market or specialised offering beyond the traditional acupuncture treatments 

Qualification cosmetic acupuncture course prerequisites: 

All applicants are required to have: 
Up to date medical professional insurance cover 
Be current members of a recognised health care board 
Professionals allied to medicine may be considered. 
Please read through our policies or enquire (info@johntsagaris.co.uk) directly for further details. 

The facial acupuncture course describes an innovative practice of facial rejuvenation and has an aesthetic focus, considering the underlying causes of skin ageing and overall well being of the patient. 

The facial acupuncture course employs traditional principles and scientific understanding and approach to skin, facial changes. It is inspired by modern methodologies, to elevate the technique into a modern and evident aesthetic practice. 
Holistic beauty is the fastest growing sub-sector in healthcare and beauty industries. Today’s clinical landscape requires practitioners to be informed with advanced knowledge beyond the traditional acupuncture theories, in order to address complex aesthetic concerns with non-invasive, natural and result focus techniques. The cosmetic facial acupuncture online course provides the tools to implement the knowledge into a modern clinic offering. 
Building on pre-existing acupuncturist training, knowledge and traditional Chinese medicine skills, the attendee of the cosmetic facial online course, will gain a specialised understanding of cosmetic facial acupuncture by Dr. John Tsagaris, a leading authority in this method in the UK and internationally, which will advance practice offerings. 

Benefits for attending the Facial Acupuncture Course online: 

Acupuncture training practitioners, or medical and aesthetic professionals will engage via our online portal gaining access to this world-class platform, offering the opportunity to learn, reflect and integrate this advanced learning skill in practice. 
The Facial Acupuncture Course offers unique frameworks, tools and step-by-step guides to help define strategies to thrive in a competitive industry. The Chinese medicine skills are enriched with new tools to reflect the growing demand for innovation in aesthetics and holistic beauty with result-oriented focus. 
Implement traditional and modern tools and methods to advance in cosmetic facial acupuncture exceeding the limited use of acupuncture points alone. 
Complementary marketing strategy consultation with the online course partner, Incisive Edge. Incisive Edge are proven experts in generating high-value growth by combining marketing strategy, execution data-led optimisation to drive results. The agency will work with the online course participants to grow their practice and achieve commercial rewards. 
Physical Masterclass training options in selected venues with Dr. John Tsagaris, acknowledged authority in cosmetic acupuncture. 

Facial acupuncture course online-necessity of our current circumstances 

We live in an ever-changing world that is limited, however, open to new possibilities. The ability to learn a new skill or advance on existing knowledge, that suits your timings and current life circumstances, whenever or wherever you want, equips you with flexibility and convenience for education than ever before. 
The information provided can be studied at your own pace, location and evolve into an advanced skill set with a physical training at a later stage having already the fundamental education in place. Individual attention is of ultimate importance and the course has been designed to support and encourage the participants on every step of the learning experience. 
Online e-learning is becoming an endless global educational resource that allows you to connect and share information all over the globe, exploring professional opportunities. You will become very skilled to resource information, understand it, synthesise it and further develop it to create something even more comprehensive as a practitioner, that will seal your unique selling point as a professional. Studying the Facial Acupuncture Course online will reduce education costs and travel significantly adding more to your existing skills and having the opportunity to develop them at your own time. 
It will give you the opportunity to structure your frame of mind and become more focused on your professional direction. 
Nowadays, with all the limitations we are facing, there is no better time to invest in our skills, talents and opportunities that arise from the current circumstances which lead to new trends and open up vast professional potential. 

Advanced facial acupuncture course from the experts 

The course has been designed by TCM Dr. John Tsagaris, a pioneer in cosmetic acupuncture in the UK with international endorsements, celebrity and Media and acknowledgement of his skills, talents and multifaceted skills in Chinese medicine integrative approach. 
The course is carefully formulated by Brett Robertson, a founder of a fast-growing e-learning platform which partners and inspirational educators to create a space for advanced and comprehensive e- learning experience. 
"This is an excellent course. I am pleased that I have decided to join it. At the time of receiving an invitation for the course, I was busy finishing my BSc (Hons) Acupuncture degree. I had a lot of commitments and therefore was hesitant, but, I was pleasantly surprised by “easily digestible” and the enjoyable content of the course. 
The course is interesting, diverse and in-depth. It's content covers all aspects you need to comprehend. The course materials are well-organised and are ideal for referring to in the future. This course gave me new insights and was a beneficial refreshment of my existing TCM knowledge.” 
Veronika Gurov | UK 

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