Beauty Acupuncture and How It Can Benefit the Skin

Happy woman beacause of his beauty acupuncture treatment

Don’t be put off by the prospect of needles entering the delicate skin on your face. The pins used in acupuncture are so fine they may as well be strands of hair – and what’s more, they come with a host of benefits, particularly for the appearance.

Here, our founder John Tsagaris explains all about beauty acupuncture and how it can help you and your skin. Read on…

Facial Acupuncture: A Holistic Approach to Skincare

My beauty skin treatments are holistic methods that address skin concerns, identify pathological underlying factors of premature ageing and combine different techniques to affect skin from a cellular to structural level. I integrate the wisdom of Chinese medicine with modern applications to bring maximum and long-lasting results.

Your Skin Type and Beauty Acupuncture

My treatments focus on the individual needs of my patients and every age has its skin problems. Of course, I treat and advise accordingly. Also, my skincare focuses on skin and its individual challenges, rather than age group or skin type.

A dry, oily or combination skin is not a ‘skin type’, as such. It is instead an underlying issue that the skin is facing at the time.

This could be down to hormones, bacteria, digestive issues, stress, or many other factors. The aim is to normalise the skin and not focus on different skin manifestations as ‘skin types’.

I usually see my patients twice a week on iconic Wellness Clinic at Harrods, or when I work overseas, I try to see them as much as possible in a short period of time. This helps maximise results and guides my patients towards healthier and more beautiful skin.

Acupuncture Post-Treatment: What to Expect

The results from my treatment are noticeable after the end of the session, as the treatment is very much result-oriented. The treatment – as I like to say to my patients – starts when I finish the session with them, as the skin has all the time and space to repair and regenerate itself.

A vibrant, glowing and plumped complexion is what a patient should experience after the treatment. The results are accumulative, as the treatment remodels the structural collagen and elastin fibres of the skin, making it firmer and healthier.

LED Light Treatments for Skin Concerns

I complement some of my treatments with LED light therapy, in addition to acupuncture, because the non-invasive light exposure will facilitate better skin cell response and will improve energy production from the fibroblasts. Therefore, you’ll see improved collagen and elasticity, as well as boosted hydration levels.

Depending on the individual I’m treating, I would use blue light for acne- prone skin or inflammation, green light for pigmentation issues, or red for anti aging and collagen-boosting results. I might also use a combination of two or three colours, in line with the skin concern(s) I’m addressing.

Botox: Does it Affect the Treatment?

It needs to be stated that Botox is not an anti-ageing treatment that assists skin regeneration. Therefore, my treatment would complement the preventative aspect of Botox to enhance skin anti-ageing results.

Different individualised techniques will be employed in order to help skin’s vitality and resilience to ageing.

Precautionary Considerations for Those Trying Acupuncture

A couple of days prior to acupuncture treatments, and to eradicate the risk of bruising to the skin, the client should not take blood-thinning supplements, aspirin, warfarin, blood pressure medication, or fish oils of any kind.

However, bruising will not affect the success of the treatment and it will generally fade within two to three days. Other underlying conditions will be discussed prior to the treatment, to ensure the client is fully aware of the outcome of their visit to the clinic.

SkinPointEight: How it Differs from Other Products on the Market

My skincare brings back the superiority of our own skin to heal, adapt and maximise its performance.

Employing medicinal herbs from the herbal medical Chinese Materia Medica – the Elite of Adaptogen Herbs and breakthrough Western cosmetic actives – all in very high potency, they accelerate skin’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory responses.

They will also address external and internal pathological factors that affect the skin simultaneously and on an individual level. The same product will perform differently from person to person; this is because skin is an individual living entity, with individual needs and issues.

I decided to create my own range and set up my clinic as I wanted to help people all over the world who were suffering from various health conditions, such as infertility, weight issues, psychological or hormonal issues, and a variety of skin problems. These include psoriasis, eczema and acne.

My understanding and treatment principles became a minefield of research on the herbs that not only treat, but have substantial cosmetic claims as well, embracing my philosophy that beautiful skin is healthy skin.

SkinPointEight: Our Bestsellers

The best-sellers vary from country to country, due to the different environmental challenges that clients have. The key aspect of ‘Adaptation’ in my skincare illustrates the need for skin normalisation under different environmental circumstances.