Needle Shaping  

Needle Shaping - encourage skin rejuvenation and reduce wrinkles. 

By using acupuncture needles and a mild electric/galvanic mixed current, water is repelled from the needle tip within the skin, effectively dehydrating the tissue, enabling the needle to pick up elastin and collagen fibres re-structuring and volumising the skin in the process. 
“My face feels so plumped and it looks so much younger! Thank you!” 
Elena Sandor 
John Tsagaris Cosmetic Acupuncture Harrods Knightsbridge London

                What is needle shaping? 

                What makes needle shaping unique? 

                What areas can be treated  

                Frequently Asked Questions 

Needle shaping - removing lines without filler. 

The results of needle shaping are very noticeable after the first treatment with noticeable lift and they develop with time and follow up treatments. A maintenance course is highly recommended for ultimate results. 
The skin becomes, brighter, tighter and of a visibly younger appearance and on a histological level, it can visibly reveal a denser dermis populated with larger, thicker and more correctly organised collagen fibres. 

What the Treatment Involves. 

Needle shaping acupuncture session involves: 
Biomedical assessment and initial skin consultation 
Picture taking for reference and monitoring improvements during sessions 
Skin preparation and facial acupressure – Complementary 
Ear acupuncture for analgetic and holistic benefits – Complementary 
Skin needling using tiny acupuncture needles in areas of concern 
Use of mixed current specialised device to activate needle biostimulation 
Calming hydrating facial sheet mask to soothe the skin 
After treatment, cooling moisturisation 
The treatment is not recommended during pregnancy. 

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